Research Interest

Mechanochromic trilayer film (paper) Electrospun polymer nanofiber reinforced double network gel (paper)
Fracture in polydomain liquid crystal elastomer (paper)
Fluid-like surface layer in glassy nanotubes (paper) Creasing of an everted elastomer tube (paper)
Wrinkling patterns of a thin stiff film bonded on a soft substrate (paper) Creasing instability on the surface of a soft elastomer under compression(paper)
Diffusion-induced wrinkling in a circular poroelastic plate (paper) Gravity induced crease-to-wrinkle transition in soft materials (paper)
Wet adhesion between two soft layers (paper) Drying-induced cavitation in a constrained gel (paper)
Electromechanical bifurcation of a dielectric elastomer balloon (paper) Voltage-induced wrinkling in an annulus Dielectric elastomer membrane(paper)
Strain-engineering patterned liquid crystal elastomer sheets (paper) Light-induced vibration in a LCE beam (paper)